Almost all patients after the introduction of ED PILLS after three months, the appearance of antibodies to it in the blood is noted.

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Basically, allergies are caused by insulin itself, less often by ED Pills Online or non-protein impurities. Least of all cases of allergy were noted for the introduction of human insulin obtained by genetic engineering. The most allergenic is bovine insulin.

The formation of hypersensitivity occurs in the following ways: An immediate type reaction associated with the release of immunoglobulin E. It develops after 5-8 hours. Appears as local reactions or ed drugs. Delayed reaction. Systemic manifestation that occurs after 12-24 hours. Occurs in the form of urticaria, edema or anaphylactic reaction. A local manifestation may be due to improper administration of the drug - a thick needle is injected intradermally, the skin is injured during injection, an unsuccessful place is chosen, excessively chilled insulin is injected.

Later or delayed local reactions may develop 4 to 24 hours after injection and persist for 24 hours. Most often, the clinical symptoms of local reactions of hypersensitivity to insulin look like redness of the skin, swelling and itching at the injection site. Skin itching can spread to surrounding tissues.

Manifestations of allergy to insulin. Allergy to insulin was noted in 20% of patients. With the use of ED Pills insulins, the frequency of allergic reactions is reduced. With local reactions, the manifestations are usually noticeable an hour after the injection, they are short-lived and quickly disappear without special treatment.